Tech Companies Should Look to Amazon for Inspiration


The most advanced automotive tech available ahead of the arrival of fully self-driving vehicles should, ideally, be incredibly sophisticated, and completely invisible to users. So far, of all the major tech companies, Amazon is the closest to striking that balance.

Computers are complicated, and one thing drivers don’t need in cars is complication. The safe operation of big, heavy, motor-powered vehicles that can travel as high speed relies heavily on an attentive driver paying attention to the control systems they use to make the car go, as well as to the world around them. Computers, whatever other advantages they have, require attention and focus to operate; figuring out how to make a computer do what you want, especially for any kind of advanced operationn, was always (and remains for many) a learning experience nearly on par with mastering a new language.

You probably shouldn’t be learning a language while operating a 2,600-pound piece of metal going 60 miles-per-hour. Not if you want to do either well, at least.

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