Microsoft Now Helps Businesses use the Data that Powers Bing Predicts


A few years ago, Microsoft launched Bing Predicts, a project that aims to correctly predict sporting events and elections by combining lots of data with machine learning algorithms. Until now, though, there wasn’t really a product that made Bing Predicts available to users. Today, however, the company launched its Cortana Intelligence with Bing Predicts service.

Sadly, this still doesn’t quite make the huge corpus of data Microsoft gathers for Bing Predicts available to everybody, though. Instead, the Cortana Intelligence with Bing Predicts service is an end-to-end consulting program that, in Microsoft’s words “brings the power of Microsoft’s unique corpus of social, search and web data to let customers enrich and augment their Cortana Intelligence Suite solutions resulting in more accurate outcomes across a wide variety of business problems.” In other words: to use it, you’ll have to talk to a few sales reps and then sign complicated legal documents (plus pay quite a bit of money, I assume).

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