API.AI Unveils New Integrations Into Cisco Tropo and Cisco Spark


API.AI, a conversational user experience platform for apps, devices and services, announced today that the company will attend Cisco Live, Cisco’s annual IT and communications conference. API.AI CEO Ilya Gelfenbeyn will present in the Collaboration Partner Village highlighting API.AI’s new integrations with Cisco’s cloud collaboration platforms: Cisco Tropo and Cisco Spark. The company will also exhibit at the event (booth C7).

API.AI’s integrations into Cisco Tropo and Cisco Spark enable developers to create bots and interfaces trained to understand natural language and respond back in real-time, delivering a user experience as simple and intuitive as carrying on a conversation. Businesses need the ability to facilitate reliable, real-time collaboration among team members while adhering to corporate policies governing privacy, security and data control. At the same time, applications need to work interoperably within an organization and conform to certain IT standards. These are all requirements that API.AI’s integrations into Cisco Tropo and Cisco Spark are built to meet.

Designed for large-scale enterprises and service providers, Tropo, part of Cisco, offers cloud APIs for voice and messaging (SMS). It helps developers and companies automate and embed real-time communication via these voice and messaging channels, providing a powerful platform for cloud-based collaboration. Cisco Spark, meanwhile, provides a cloud collaboration platform with messaging, meeting, and calling capabilities. Cisco has opened the Cisco Spark platform with open APIs and SDKs, inviting enterprise developers and programmers to explore and implement the technology as best fits their needs. API.AI’s Cisco Tropo and Cisco Spark integrations, ideal for the creation of bots and automated conversational interfaces, are designed to present intriguing new solutions to this developer audience.

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