Five Chatbots You Should Know About


With the advancements in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), it seems as though more parts of our lives are being automated, including communication. Welcome to the world of chatbots, where computer-operated machines can assume a variety of roles like customer service reps, personal assistants, social media managers and maybe even fast food workers, according to Forbes.

A TechCrunch article defined chatbots as “programs that respond to natural language text and, optionally, voice inputs in a humanlike manner. They can execute tasks given specific commands.” This essentially means that these chatbots can take over many types of time-consuming tasks, enabling human employees to focus on other high-level decisions and interactions. You may not realize it, but you already use a type of chatbot every day if you own an iPhone: Siri has become our dear friend.

Here are five chatbots I am now incorporating in my business, and the benefits they can offer your own:

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