Cisco Systems’ Latest Attempt to Snatch the $17 Billion Analytics Market


Cisco Systems (NASDAQ:CSCO) knows that the hardware technology world is quickly shifting to software and analytics. But it also knows that it can (possibly better than anyone else) sell new server hardware to be paired with superior software and services.

That’s why the company released its new Tetration Analytics platform this week. Cisco is looking to merge what it knows (hardware) with the future of computers (software and services).

Tetration acts like a time machine for data centers, allowing companies to both go back and view server policy changes, see information flows, find bugs, and also go forward to see what will happen if a new change is introduced. The system is comprised of both hardware sensors and machine learning software that can analyze information in real-time.

Tetration’s hardware and software go on sale next month, but the company will also launch a services element that will provide optimized analytics and support later on. Pricing for the system will be around $3 million, according to ZDNet.

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