Digital Reasoning is Putting the Heart in the Machine


Sci-fi favorites like Terminator or that awful remake of the Lawnmower Man with Johnny Depp have us looking at cognitive computing as a universally bad thing. But it doesn’t have to be that way (or so the robot overlords have downloaded “into my simian consciousness”).

What if, in a non-spooky way, computers could fill in the analytical gaps that make machines unable to understand our communication?

Nashville tech company Digital Reasoning is doing just that. Chatting with Forward Beat, Digital Reasoning’s Chief Product Officer Marten den Haring explained the work that the company is doing by dissecting how machines work, which is through the process of cognitive computing.

“Let’s put it this way,” says den Haring. “Think of it as a programming paradigm to build cognitive systems. The way that we think of cognitive systems is … they really are inspired by the human brain’s ability to process information. So cognitive systems … are sort of inspired architecturally from a programming perspective to really think and learn from how they’re being used. And that’s sort of built into the system. So really, it’s made up of a set of architecture components. Let’s think of it as an ensemble of different technologies, and different components and algorithms that … imitate or replicate the human brain’s ability to process information.”

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