Microsoft to Join with OpenAI To Democratize AI


Microsoft is partnering its artificial intelligence research arm with Elon Musk’s nonprofit OpenAI, announcing the “industry’s first cloud bot-as-a-service” on Microsoft Azure.

Under the arrangement, OpenAI will be able to tap Microsoft’s virtual machine technology to run large-scale artificial intelligence simulation and training exercises, while Microsoft will have state-of-the-art research on Azure.

Artificial intelligence has enabled various perks such as real-time translation, smart digital assistants and more, but it’s not readily accessible to everyone.

Democratizing AI

“At Microsoft, we believe everyone deserves to be able to take advantage of these breakthroughs, in both their work and personal lives,” says Microsoft.

“In short, we are committed to democratizing AI and making it accessible to everyone.”

Microsoft adds that OpenAI has the same endeavors, which is why the two companies have decided to team up and work on advancing the field of artificial intelligence and leverage the power of AI to address challenging problems the world is facing.

Elon Musk and San Altman of Y Combinator founded OpenAI last December, pledging a hefty $1 billion to the nonprofit AI research venture. OpenAI aims to develop artificial intelligence that has positive impacts on society in the long run, rather than just creating software for profit.

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