Watson Using AI to Transform the Customer Service And Hospitality Industry


Artificial intelligence (AI) from IBM’s Watson (of Jeopardy-winning fame) is about to transform customer service, the customer experience, and hospitality.

Customers today–especially but not exclusively Millennials–are embracing, even demanding, what I call a “Jetsonian” (for The Jetsons) customer experience, a customer experience in which those tasks that don’t require human intervention are powered by automation and algorithms, while those tasks that do benefit from human beings get true human warmth, from capable human employees, applied to them.

Along these lines, meet “Ivy” from Go Moment, an artificial intelligence-driven system capable of handling, in real time, some 90% of the requests that come in from guests on property, without, according to its inventors, requiring a lick of human intervention.  Ivy is powered by IBM’s Watson, the world-famous AI engine.  Ivy uses this Watson engine to decipher and fulfill a wide variety of requests from hotel guests (it’s being first introduced in hospitality environments) in real time.

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