Tim Cook talks about Apple’s AI plans


Pixar founder George Lucas may have given the world the word “Droid” before he sold the company to Apple’s Steve Jobs, but Apple CEO Tim Cook makes no secret that he wants his company to play its part in making intelligence in machines a reality.

Smart business

Cook talked up Apple’s efforts in augmented reality just last week. This week he’s spilling at least some of the beans on his company’s plans for Artificial Intelligence, though his vision seems more connected to machine intelligence and pattern recognition than the evolution of a smart bot like C3PO, at least right now. “A.I. is horizontal in nature, running across all products,” he toldNikkei. He said it is used “in ways that most people don’t even think about.”

What kinds of uses is he talking about? Cook gave us three specific examples, all of which belong firmly in the pattern recognition and machine learning fold, rather than the neural intelligence bracket:

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