Artificial intelligence may transform education, but are parents ready?


We previously looked at the ways artificial intelligence may disrupt the traditional classroom. From blended learning to AI tutors, algorithms are poised to reshape the way teachers engage with their students. But AI may do more than influence classroom experiences. It has the potential to replace classrooms entirely. No one can reliably predict the degree of impact AI may have in education, but one thing seems clear—parents should expect to deal with more complexity and greater responsibility in overseeing their children’s education.

Parents are responsible for nearly every aspect of their children’s development. Healthcare, cognition, socialization, behavioral modeling—parents do it all. The one area in which they exercise less control is in formal education. They make decisions about whether to send their children to private or public schools or to home school, oversee homework sessions, and volunteer for the PTA. But they leave the actual teaching to the teachers.

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