15 AI Predictions for 2017: Expect AI-as-a-Service, smart malware


Master cyber criminals, super-trojans, workforce shifts, advanced analytics and more – CBR talks to the experts about how 2017 could prove an even bigger, smarter year for artificial intelligence.

The Year of the AI Consumer

Babak Hodjat, Co-founder, Sentient Technologies

“Imagine if you were able to buy a pair of shoes that are best suited for you, by simply interacting visually with an existing inventory of shoes. And imagine those shoes being one of a kind, unique to your preferences and sensibilities. That’s coming.

“Today, AI has the ability to identify features of products in a brand’s inventory. AI can also broker the interactions between consumers and the inventory, helping them discover the products they need. By tracking the feature sets most popular among different user groups, AI can come up with designs for new products that have a high likelihood of being popular.”

The Year of Smart Malware & the Super-Trojan

Alex Mathews, Lead Security Evangelist, Positive Technologies

“Looking at the role that artificial intelligence (AI) will play in cyber threats next year there are a few trends developing. The first is smart malware, and we’re already have an inkling of what’s to come from the diversity displayed in recent behaviour. For example, clever malware programs will analyse the environment when it lands on a network to determine if it’s in a sandbox or honeypot, and then conceal its true intentions or delay its actual behaviour to evade detection. We’ve also seen instances of smart malware self-assembling elements hidden in different files.

“Another practice we’ve witnessed is where the program will mutate while also replicating its ‘parent’s signature’ rendering antivirus systems unable to detect ‘malware offspring’. It’s also capable of performing multi-stage attacks that make a gradual capture of related and built-in systems. All this leads us to predict that we’re on the cusp of a super-Trojan coming in 2017.”

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