Lux Research’s AI User Experience: The Interface to the Internet of Things Webinar


New computing platforms like wearables, robotics, and intelligent buildings offer so much potential! But so little adoption to date – driving a palpable sense of frustration with the limitations of our existing interface paradigm, and powerful desire to rethink the user-machine relationship. Apple’s skeuomorphism wars, MIT’s Tangible interfaces, and Fjord’s ZeroUI are symptoms and signs of changes rapidly approaching, as the confluence of three massive technology trends is shaking up established norms of user experience (UX) design:

• New user interface (UI) technologies like ubiquitous sensors and augmented reality
• Stronger artificial intelligence (AI) tools like machine vision and predictive analytics
• A profusion of connected devices and systems in the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Artificial Intelligence User Experience (AIUX) will be as different as the graphical user interface (GUI) was to a text-based command line. And it will have applications in information work, personal devices, transportation, and dozens of other areas where current interfaces can’t reach. Lux Research has categorized and assessed hundreds of corporations, startups, and academic labs in the fields feeding into AIUX. Each has designs on dominating the desktop-equivalent interface in this next wave of computing.

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