Beyond the Fence, and the Advent of the Creative Machines


Computers being involved in the creation of art is not a new development.

(Consider my use of the word computer throughout this post as roughly equivalent to the cringe-worthy use of the word server in any of your favorite TV shows or movies: it means a bunch of different stuff. I will use it as a stand-in for the often-confounded terms of “technology,” “hardware,” and “software,” (and even “computer”) as well as “machine learning system” and “artificial intelligence.”)

In any event, for years our electronic sidekicks have gradually moved from assisting us with our creative endeavors to controlling many of these processes themselves. Consider one particular technology-assisted creative undertaking: music recording. From modestly facilitating the editing and processing of raw creative material into musical end products all the way to the automated detection and optimization of certain aspects of the overall process, such as audio input levels, computers have long been involved in this creative process, as they have with many others.

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