Google Launches AI, Machine Learning Research Center


With Google CEO Sundar Pichai sharply focused on AI, machine learning and their potentials, the search giant is opening a dedicated machine learning research center in Europe.

Google is diving deeper into artificial intelligence, with the company opening a dedicated machine learning research center in its Zurich office, the search company announced on Thursday, June 16.

The Google Research Europe center will focus on three areas: Machine intelligence, natural language processing, and understanding and machine perception. The research center aims to deliver machine learning that can be put into practical use, to improve the machine learning infrastructure, and to assist the research community overall.

“Google’s ongoing research in machine intelligence is what powers many of the products being used by hundreds of millions of people a day — from Translate to Photo Search to Smart Reply for Inbox,” Emmanuel Mogenet, head of Google Research Europe, wrote in the blog post announcing the center.

Mogenet noted machine learning software engineers and researchers will be able to develop products and conduct research at the Zurich center, which also holds the largest Google engineering office outside of the US.

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