Qualcomm secures Snapdragon 820 with artificial intelligence


Upcoming cell phone chips from Qualcomm will use artificial intelligence to block malware before it infects your phone. The chip company said on Monday that the next-generation Snapdragon 820 processor used in a variety of Android smartphones will be the first chip that uses machine learning to detect threats and privacy issues thanks to an application called Snapdragon Smart Protect.

The learning aspect is important because security threats today are no longer static. They constantly evolve, and relying on continuous updates to keep your phone protected would be burdensome to the user (and their data plan). Qualcomm’s plan is to use the Zeroth neural networking technology it has developed in the last few years to help the Snapdragon Smart Protect software running on the phone adapt to the threats it will encounter in the wild, all in real time. This will be the first time the Zeroth technology has been actually put into action.

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