Why A.I. will never be useful


By now, we’ve all heard of Silicon Valley’s shiny new technology: Artificial intelligence and chatbots. Along with it, there’s the promise of a transformation that many believe will have a payoff on the scale of the personal computing industry or the commercial internet.

Funding in artificial intelligence startups has increased more than fourfold to $681 million in 2015 — from $145 million in 2011, according to the market research firm CB Insights. The firm estimates that new investments will reach $1.2 billion this year, up 76 percent from last year.

It’s clear that the hopes are high but with any technology, there are limitations. In this case, it is the technology. It took six decades for the first A.I. platform to pass the Turing Test and we are most likely at least another six decades away from machines ever being able to act without the help of humans, though the day may never come. Let’s take a look at where the major hiccups are occurring

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