AI World and AI Trends Team Up with FORTUNE to Produce a Branded Content Section on Cognitive Computing


FORTUNE Branded content section will reach more than 3.3M readers

Boston, MA – August 2, 2016 – Trends Equity, Inc. today announced that they are collaborating with FORTUNE to produce a branded content section focused on Cognitive Computing.  The content section will be published in the November issue and will go on-sale October 24, 2016.  AI World and AI Trends will serve as editorial advisor and marketing partner.

According to Eliot Weinman, AI World conference chair and CEO of Trends Equity, “We are honored to be working with FORTUNE to produce and help promote a branded content section on Cognitive Computing.  It is clear that cognitive computing and AI technologies have already begun to fundamentally transform many industries, businesses and society at large.  Cognitive computing, AI and machine learning software and service providers who wish to participate in this publication will benefit in a number of ways.  FORTUNE is number one for business, and has the highest concentration of affluent and influential business decision-makers vs. the competition. More than Forbes, Business Insider, Bloomberg, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal and Wired.  Marketing and promotion through FORTUNE will reach a total audience of more than 3.3 million business professionals.  In addition, this targeted business reach will be further expanded by the integrated media and marketing plan being produced by AI World.  AI World is targeting a global 2000 B2B audience, and through AI World’s promotional efforts an additional 500,000 professionals will be informed about the publication, including all AI World attendees, AI Trends readership, webinar attendees and report buyers.”

According to Joel Baboolal, Project Manager of Branded Content at FORTUNE, “We are pleased to be collaborating with Mr. Weinman and his team at Trends Equity.  AI World and AI Trends are becoming the preeminent integrated media, publishing and conference brands in the industry.  FORTUNE is committed to covering the leading edge of business and technology, and clearly cognitive computing is one of the fastest growing technology markets today.”

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