AI Start-up Umbo CV Raises $2.8M – Brings Deep Neural Network to the Security Industry


Umbo CV, an artificial intelligence start-up and provider of event recognition systems that think and learn like humans for the professional security industry, announced that it completed a $2.8 million round of seed funding led by AppWorks Ventures. Also participating were Mesh Ventures, Fortune Global 500 Wistron Corp. and Phison Electronics.

Up to now, the security industry has grappled with ways to receive real-time notifications of intruders or incidents, having tested pre-defined algorithms-based systems that failed. Umbo CV aims to solve this problem. The company has developed algorithms to link images from multiple cameras, thus giving machines a more in-depth understanding of real-time occurrences. Once the cameras are connected, the A.I. begins to learn from the scene and alerts the security officer of what it thinks is an anomaly. For example, when a person has just climbed over the fence or when a car is driving in the opposite direction on a freeway.

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