API.AI Launches Multi-Messaging Platform


API.AI, the Conversational User Experience Platform™ for bots, apps, services and devices, announced the release of its multi-messaging platform for chatbot services across Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype, Twilio, Kik, Line, and Cisco Spark and Tropo. Companies across verticals can leverage API.AI’s platform to deliver and boost conversational user experiences tailored to specific business services via intelligent chatbots.

Through API.AI’s highly advanced natural language understanding powered by machine learning — which features intent recognition, contextual awareness, and powerful dialog support toolkit — chatbots can listen, understand, and converse with customers and employees using natural language, just as if they were speaking with another human being. Importantly, API.AI frees developers from the laborious effort otherwise required in understanding the nuances of various messaging platforms — and in developing and deploying chatbots for each. Instead, API.AI empowers developers to deploy their agent across different platforms in a few simple steps, instantly gaining exposure to millions of potential new users.

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