Pat Launches Private Beta to Help AI Understand What You Say

Abstract watercolour painted speech bubbles in yellow orange pink blue and green.

How many times have you wanted to throw your phone out the window of your car because Siri couldn’t understand the most basic phrases?

Call Cheryl, no Vyshakh. Siri calls Cheryl anyway. Then a 20-minute argument develops with a series of “Hey Siri” commands followed by a string of unwanted Google searches and maybe even an iTunes song.

I personally gave Siri a British accent in hopes that would somehow change things. It didn’t.

CEO Wibe Wagemans, along with co-founders John Ball and Beth Carey, want to help AI actually understand what you say with their new company, Pat. Wagemans previously was President of Indoor Atlas, a company developing indoor mapping technology.

Just as there is more than one way to skin a cat, there are numerous theories for how to enable artificial intelligence to better understand language. Pat’s approach of combining role and reference grammar (RRG) with a neural network is just one of those approaches.

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