Kawasaki Developing AI For Its Motorcycles


Kawasaki is a celebrated motorcycle manufacturer, who is famous for making motorcycles which have style and substance in equal measure. Kawasaki has always been big on technology, that’s no secret. But, this time around, the revered Japanese motorcycle maker is planning to develop artificial technology for its motorcycles. Yes! You heard it right. From what Motorcyclenews.com reports, Kawasaki will make use of really advanced information and communications technology which will help the motorcycle have a personality of its own, as the rider/owner spends more time on the saddle and the motorcycle learns more about the riding style and so on. Kawasaki is calling the system ‘Emotion Engine’. The system will be able to understand emotions and instructions from the rider by making use of an ‘Emotion Generation and Natural Language Dialogue System’.

The AI system will be designed in such a way that it can understand the emotional being of the rider and based upon its understanding, it will try and make the ride as comfortable as possible. It will also take travel conditions into consideration and advise the rider to make any changes in the setting of the motorcycle, if necessary.

As the rider/owner spends more and more time on the motorcycle, the bike too, will begin to develop its own personality and will try and better the rider experience and the confidence as well. This will lead to a benefit for the rider and the motorcycle as well. The AI system is being worked upon by cocoro SB Corp (That’s how t

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