5 Safety Tips You Shouldn't Miss for Your Construction Site Workers

August 17, 2021; 12:00AM

When it comes to constructional works, one other most challenging thing is safety at construction sites, it's not only challenging but risky too. Thanks to technology that provides enormous safety tools to get rid of any incident. To avoid an incident to be happened, it is suggested to the supervisors to take all possible safety measures. Here are a few safety tips that will surely help to provide your construction site a healthy and productive environment.


  1. Correct Usage of Equipment

It has been seen that workers find it difficult to use multiple equipment during constructional works. We can't avoid using equipment but what we can do from our side is to take proper safety measures. Having said that safety measure we mean wearing safety kit properly, taking care of small things like if there is mud sticking to one's footwear, they should clean it then and there before something happens that no one wants.

On top of this, whenever a person goes to start constructional work, he/she should wear safety kit including footwear, helmet, gloves, eye glasses, etc. This seems to be something unimportant to many workers but it is something that shouldn't be avoided.

Try to avoid hopping when you're using an equipment. Whenever you need a ladder to climb, use it without any hesitation. Ask for help whenever required. These are some of the small safety tips but could do miracles to save your life.


  1. Using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Try to understand work and the safety measurements that is directly associated with the work. Once you get it, wear PPE kit properly and tighten it well. Whenever you're about to start a work, at first check whether all related items/tools are available nearby you or not including fire extinguisher, first aid box. Not only safety measurements but also the tools that you will be using while doing your work should be readily available. You should avoid climbing and going down to collect the tools, keep it with yourself or if required ask for other's help without having a second thought. If you are lifting heavy objects then it's very important to get yourself harnessed in order to avoid any mishap. Before starting your work, wear all important safety items like helmet, goggles, gloves, footwear, etc. Always check whether you're relaxed or not after taking safety measures, your clothes should be loose and whatever you're carrying with yourself should not be so tight or it shouldn't hurt your in any manner. Wear breathing mask if required, always carry a water bottle to get rid of restlessness.

viAct’s Safety Measures Detection can identify workers who are not wearing or properly not wearing or missing any individual safety measure like jacket, helmet. This cloud solution works with Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision and also decrease auditing time along with this it saves cost to the construction project.


  1. Be Careful While Loading and Unloading Equipment

Most of the incident happens because of breaking ropes, slippery of objects or imbalance. Take care of all these things. While loading or unloading things, ask someone to keep an eye on you so that if something happens immediate action can be taken by someone. Before loading or unloading check whether your safety kits and other measures are properly worn or not. If not, fix it then only start the main work of loading and unloading.


  1. Take Care While Climbing

While climbing through ladder, you need to check whether ladder is well inclined or not. Don't hurry up to climb the ladder instead try to climb one or two ladder's footsteps if it is not slipping or moving then you can continue climbing or else fix it firstly and then, proceed further.

Similar, while climbing staircases, make sure your feet are dry and you're not using any slippery footwear because it can lead you to be a victim of serious incident.


  1. Mob at Work

Undoubtedly, there would be a set of other constructional workers like you that will ignite a kind of frustration in you. Especially, when it comes to large machinery, a crowdy environment is a must that no one can avoid. Not only workers but also the outsiders love to see the large machines work for which you can't do anything about that's human's behavior.

Although, it could be a reason to injury, you need to be very much careful while giving a start to any such work. What you can do is, if you or someone else is doing any construction related work, alert people to stay away, try to maintain a distance so that if an object falls from a height it fails to affect anyone. Also, they can alert by using beep option so that each and every individual can hear it and can take immediate action.

viAct’s Danger Zone Detection Solution is considered a potential solution for this as you being a supervisor can draw a danger zone directly with the help of our AI enabled cloud solution for construction site and keep your other workforce away from potential danger.



These are some of the very generic precautions but it can bring a healthy and productive environment to your workplace. We see thousands of thousands of people dying because of such incidents because they take these tips for granted. Even a small tip can be so helpful to save one's life. If a small tip can save a life, I think it's worth using for the long run.


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