The All-in-one solution for AI people: discover AiGlimmer

June 10 2020

Over the past years a variety of different services were born in the Artificial Intelligence field. Each of them fitting a particular need or shaped by specific demands but most of the companies still doesn’t know how to take advantage of its potential. That’s why two young professionals, in Italy, decided to start AiGlimmer and cluster together all the main topics, information and services related to AI, all in one place, and take them further.

The AiGlimmer project is starting its journey in these weeks and will be released later this year, aiming to inspire as much passionate people as possible, bridge the gap of knowledge between supply and demand and become an ecosystem for everyone who is willing to deepen or update his AI skills.

It is possible to follow the next steps by filling a form on this page and receive unlimited credits to use on the Platform as soon as it will be ready:

The first section in the pipeline is the AI Inspiration, a section full of detailed theoretical AI use cases which provide the insights to inspire and real-world case studies posted with the typical features of a social wall.

In the second phase, three new sections will be released:

  • AI Freelancing, to find the right freelancer for the right AI project and start collaborating
  • AI Scouting, for Recruiting Agencies to go through the full profile screening process
  • AI Funding, to discover profitable ideas to invest in

AiGlimmer is set to become the perfect place for AI Experts, spreading AI knowledge and culture, for Business Managers, looking for inspiration and experts for their AI projects, for Investors, to get in touch with professionals to fund their ideas, for Recruiters, looking for AI talent profiles taking advantage of the community references, for Novices, eager to discover new ideas and possibilities and for AI Students of all ages and levels.

You can learn more about AiGlimmer here: