OXO Just Made it Easier to Get Multilingual Data for NLP

July 2, 2020

OXO Innovation, one of the world’s top boutique language service providers, has launched a new division to serve clients in big data and natural language processing: OXO AI. This new service builds on OXO’s main strengths to provide companies with top-quality, localized machine learning data.


“This foray into AI is a natural progression for OXO and for the localization industry in general. At OXO Innovation, as our name suggests, we strive to keep pace with the latest industry developments and technologies. AI has been part of our every day for a few years already; we use it for tasks like machine translation and quality auditing. We’re big believers in the potential of this technology. When a major client approached us to write thousands of Canadian French utterances for a customer service chatbot—our first NLP project—we jumped at the opportunity,” says Charles Lesperance, CEO of OXO Innovation.


With offices in Canada, Brazil and Morocco, OXO is poised to recruit native speakers in the Americas and EMEA who can collect, create and annotate authentic localized data. OXO can meet clients’ natural language processing challenges with services that include chatbot training data, intent variation, text summarization, audio data, sentiment analysis and more, complemented by domain expertise in law, life sciences, retail, finance, and travel and accommodation. Thanks to its smaller size and client-first philosophy, OXO has a highly flexible structure that adapts to clients’ needs.


“Our first machine learning mandate was an exciting challenge in terms of HR—we had to recruit over a hundred Canadian French speakers in two weeks. At first it seemed like a daunting task, but we learned that the vendor management structure we’ve developed over the last two decades is able to scale up rapidly and deliver results. Now we have the confidence to pursue ever bigger AI projects and know that we can pull them off,” says Kevin Lavoie, OXO’s Human Relations Manager.


According to Gartner, by 2021, 80% of emerging technologies will have AI foundations. There is a huge opportunity and need for language service providers to leverage their expertise to provide reliable localized machine learning data. While localization giants have already penetrated this market, OXO wants to prove that boutique firms have their own role to play in the AI world and to inspire others in its industry to take their piece of the pie.


About OXO Innovation

OXO Innovation is a language service provider with offices in Montreal, Sherbrooke, Rio de Janeiro and Casablanca. It is one of the world’s top boutique language service providers according to the Slator 2020 Language Service Provider Index. OXO’s team of 30+ in-house project managers, translators and localization specialists all have one mission: Innovate to better communicate. OXO aims to be the go-to language solutions partner for clients, collaborators and stakeholders who want to be ahead of the curve. For more information, please visit http://www.oxoinnovation.com.