Chiefly announces new deep learning web app for leadership development

February 4th at 12:00 PM EST

Lewes, DE: Less than a year after its founding, Chiefly announces the launch of their in January 2021. This web app utilizes behavioural science and deep learning to show leaders and their company's insights about how they’re developing as a leader. Not only that, but their development of leadership skills is associated with the company’s objectives and bottom line. The platform tracks the organization’s objectives and key results (OKRs), and the individual leader’s direct performance. Users can set initiatives for themselves, track their progress, and view their unique leadership insights. Chiefly's AI model automatically extracts insights directly from coaching sessions. Insights include emotion recognition, engagement, and topics important to the leader. We do this using facial expressions, audio, an NLP. The data extracted is used to predict, and provide, actionable analytics for the users. In other words, the becomes a more accurate decision support system for the users to effectively develop their leadership and achieve organizational goals.

About Chiefly: Chiefly is a platform that helps tech companies develop effective leaders with coaching and habit building software. Chiefly helps users create positive leadership habits while directly showing the impact to the organization’s bottom line.

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