An Introduction to Machine Learning Training Data


There has been a recent explosion in AI applications, and a corresponding demand for machine learning solutions. Why? Because we are asking computers to solve increasingly complex problems that mimic human functions like speech and sight. These problems are more complex than the mathematical models that traditional programming can handle.

AI requires machine learning, and machine learning requires data—a lot of the right kind of data. Without it, no project can get off the ground. Appen can help. We’ve been in the data business for over 20 years and have developed deep experience working with leading global technology companies, governments, and other organizations, across a variety of data types. We collect and annotate speech, sound, image, video, and text data, and use it to fuel our clients’ many machine learning projects. We also review and annotate data from live products to improve products and their user experience.

We created this white paper for business executives embarking on—or looking to improve—their own machine learning project, to share a few guiding principles about your data quantity, quality, and sources.